Design Philosophy

At Las Vegas House Staging we believe in the simple concept that if you create a space people love to be in, you increase your chances that they will want to own it. While that sounds simple, the art of combining the existing architecture with a color palette and furnishing style that best compliments the rooms can be more complex than many feel comfortable doing themselves.

Don’t reduce the price, reduce the Negatives!

House Staging is as different from Interior design as skiing is from horseback riding. House Staging is about reaching the largest buying audience possible, while Interior Design is about satisfying the needs of only one property owner.

House Staging is geared toward showcasing the positives of your property while reducing any negatives, creating a unique ambiance a Buyer would want to call home.

At Las Vegas House Staging we carefully arrange furniture and utilize color to highlight architectural features and amenities. We maximize the appearance of space so those all important marketing photos compel a potential Buyer to call for an appointment to view your property.

We specifically target the Buyer pool for your neighborhood and work with you and your agent to create emotional trigger points designed to grab a potential Buyer’s heart and mind.